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Saturn is a large-scale, full-packet capturing, indexing, and database system. Saturn stores and ind

  • : fractal dimension (angle, curviness)
  • : distance and grouping
  • : swimming height
  • Measurands: speed (velocity and distribution)
  • : Number of fish: 10- 8
  • : number of fish
  • : Recommended species: tiger barb
  • Outputs: Maintenance Interval: > 14 days
  • : growth
  • :
Saturn is a large-scale, full-packet capturing, indexing, and database system. Saturn stores and indexes network traffic in standard PCAP format, providing fast, indexed access. Saturn has two web interfaces: 1) Saturn configuration center, 2) Saturn viewer.
Saturn configuration center is a web interface for configuring the host server settings. Saturn session center is an intuitive and simple web interface that is provided for PCAP browsing, searching, and exporting. Saturn stores and exports all packets in standard PCAP format which allows you to also use your favorite PCAP ingesting tools, such as wire-shark, in your analysis workflow.
Access to Saturn is protected by using HTTPS with digest passwords or by using an authentication providing web server proxy.
• Capturing:
A threaded C application that monitors network traffic, writes PCAP formatted files to disk, parses the captured packets and sends metadata (SPI data) to Elastic-search.
• Viewer:
A node.js application that runs per capture machine and handles the web interface and the transfer of PCAP files.
• Database:
Elastic search as a search database technology is used by Saturn to store
metadata (SPI data).
• Configuration Web Interface:
A web interface for configuring and monitoring the host server settings.

Orazan (Continuous Water Toxicity Detection)
ORAZAN Fish Toximeter observes fish under the influence of a "sample" water stream. It is a sensitive instrument for the detection of toxic compounds in water bodies such as rivers, water treatment plants intakes and sewers. The instrument is based on a development of the Extended Dynamic Daphnia Test (EDDT), a proven method used widely in Europe and other parts of the world.
Continuous biological monitoring with ORAZAN Fish Toximeter enables rapid detection of toxic substances in water and provides an online real-time early warning system. The relative magnitude and presence of the toxic substances is recorded by the instrument to enable further analysis. Therefore, this unique instrument enables supervision and control of water sources in order to detect, record and respond rapidly to incidents of toxic contamination.


• Measurands:

	speed (velocity and distribution)
	swimming height
	fractal dimension (angle, curviness)
	distance and grouping
	number of fish

• Outputs:		
• Interfaces:			            ...
• Maintenance Interval:                 > 14 days
• Number of fish:		            10- 8
• Recommended species:        	tiger barb

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