Parto Ertebat Saba

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As far as the experts of our country’s developmental issues are concerned, the expansion of ICT infrastructure will enhance the standards of everyday life, and increase organizational growth and productivity.


Our services


Provide comprehensive native hardware and software solutions based on global security standards and internal security requirements, including data instruments, hardware firewalls, and hardware encoders with native protocols


Designing and producing all kinds of equipment and software needed by small and large industries to collect, maintain, as well as analyze and provide functional and macro reports for the productivity of sisnams.


Design and manufacture of telecommunication modems, based on a combination of SDH, PDH, IP technologies up to 10 G speed in a completely native and hardware-based


Design and manufacture of servers and special purpose switches and related processing cards and types of Load Balancer natively based on customer needs. Also set up big data collection and analysis systems.


Design and manufacture of antennas, filters, amplifiers, multi-couplers in the frequency range of 1MHz to 28GHz and also design and manufacture of power amplifiers in the mentioned range up to 10KW

why parto ertebate saba

Direct supply of parts required for production and use of state-of-the-art technologies of production, production and quality measurement made it possible to provide quality and competitive products with world-renowned manufacturers. The cost price of products is also very reasonable and competitive with East Asian countries. Continuous training and support is a principle and our focus is on customer demand and satisfaction.