Partov Ertebat SABA

As far as the experts of our country’s developmental issues are concerned, the expansion of ICT infrastructure will enhance the standards of everyday life, and increase organizational growth and productivity.

Therefore, interactions in today’s lives are intertwined with ICT; few countries do not have any experience in the field of ICT development in their different urban and rural areas.

In this regard, benefiting from experienced dedicated young human assets who are alumni of prestigious Iranian universities, Partov Ertebat Saba, as a knowledge-based company, is honored to pave the way for providing localized secure advanced sotiware and hardware products.

The main activities of the company include the production of the following products:
• Secure data-transfer modems in Ethernet, SDH, PDH
• Special-purpose network switches
• Protocol and telecommunication network data analysis sotiware with Data Mining technologies
• Detection of water pollution using the behavior analysis of biological elements
• Production of encryption devices

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