EMX5 - STM10/64G Analyzer

The EMX5 is a SDH/10G Ethernet Analyzer and monitoring device. This device can be used as a SDH Analyzer or 10G Ethernet probe, the device would be installed as a tap for network monitoring or Analyzing link content and also some specific data section by VC4_No or IP address can be extracted and Transmitted by another port for logging, more analyze or detailed monitoring. Product Features: Up to 4 STM64 Up to 4 10G Ethernet Up to 4 Gigabit Ethernet port Integrated GPS receiver One Ethernet Console Port Cascadable 4 Dip switch for instant configure 4GB DDR3 RAM SDH analyzer software included

Corn STM1

Saba's CORN-STM1 Equipment is a non-OS (FPGA based) system. Designed for Gigabit Ethernet over STM1 transmission with two pluggable 155.52 Mbps optical /electrical interface, which may be used as a tap for network monitoring, point to point connection, chain or ring network to provide a compact, cost effective and flexible solution. All connections can be encrypted by AES-256, to provide a secure line and for secure authentication a USB dongle can be used on back panel of device. CORN-STM1 can be configured via Ethernet 10/100 console port and also 4 DIP Switch to select preprogrammed operation mode.

Corn Secure Modem

Smart LAN to LAN Connection with SABA's Corn Secure Modem Smart, Secure and Reliable interconnecting remote branches to a Main Office LAN using the SABA's Ethernet-over-E1 Bridge. It offers network managers and integrators a simple and economical way for LAN-to-LAN deployments. This unit allows for high-speed PPP data connections across the Wide Area Network at scalable data rates of nx56/nx64kbps up to 8.192 Mbps over 4xE1 channel, and also connects directly to the 10/100 Base-T LAN at 10Mbps. It's Smart! If any problem happens to one of the E1 Links system bypass fault link and use only correct links for data transmission and connection link never goes down , as soon as problem solved, link will be back in service automatically as well. It's Secure Sometimes a secure and private data line is needed; SABA's Corn Secure Modem can encrypt your data using a user-defined AES-128 key (programmed on USB dongle).

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