Data Diode Secure One-way Commiunication

دیتا دیود

In order to protect highly sensitive data and networks, such as military networks and critical infrastructure control systems, the most commonly used security measure is to completely disconnect the system from other networks. It has been employed for critical infrastructure and SCADA systems as well as military networks, but it is becoming more and more problematic as the need to import and export data from the isolated networks is increasing. The manual transfer of data not only generates a security risk but also a huge work load, and it is prone to human error.

A data diode solves these issues by creating a physically secure one-way communication channel from the insecure network to the secure one. The one-way channel allows data to be safely transferred into the secure network, without any data left out.

ارتباط یک طرفه در دیتا دیود
  • One-way connection between two networks
  • Automatic operation, no human intervention required
  • Based on hardware, no physical risk of sending data in false direction
  • The datalines are physically cut/interrupted on circuit board. This completely eliminates the risk for data flowing in false direction.
  • Can be employed in any Ethernet applications using copper connectivity
  • All data will be transparently forwarded.
  • Using PoE for power – Network data ports: 2x 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps Ethernet 8P8C (RJ45)

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