Product overview:

Smart LAN to LAN Connection with SABA’s Corn Secure Modem

Smart, Secure and Reliable interconnecting remote branches to a Main Office LAN using the SABA’s Ethernet-over-E1 Bridge. It offers network managers and integrators a simple and economical way for LAN-to-LAN deployments.

This unit allows for high-speed PPP data connections across the Wide Area Network at scalable data rates of nx56/nx64kbps up to 8.192 Mbps over 4xE1 channel, and also connects directly to the 10/100 Base-T LAN at 10Mbps.

It’s Smart!

If any problem happens to one of the E1 Links system bypass fault link and use only correct links for data transmission and connection link never goes down , as soon as problem solved, link will be back in service automatically as well.

It’s Secure

Sometimes a secure and private data line is needed; SABA’s Corn Secure Modem can encrypt your data using a user-defined AES-128 key (programmed on USB dongle).


  • Transmit and receive ethernet data over E1 up to 8Mbps
  • 4 x E1 channel (4x RX , 4 TX) Smooth clock V.35, X.21, EIA-530
  • 1 x Ethernet Port 10/100 Base-T Ethernet interfaces
  • GFP bonding and encapsulation protocol
  • Flexible Connection Speed Select nx64 data channels, or 8-Mbps Clear Channel
  • Supports 75- or 120-Ohm E1 Lines
  • 8 x BNC connectors for E1s (4 x TX , 4 x RX)
  • Standalone or Rack Mount Form Factor Available in desktop and 1U rack mount platform
  • 5 VDC Power Supply Any AC/DC adapter or DC/DC converter with 5VDC /2A can be used.


  • Input Voltage: 5 VDC – 2A

(AC Adapter included)

  • Environment Temperature : 0-50 °C
  • Env. Ideal Temperature : 5-20 °C
  • Environment Humidity : 15% – 90%
  • One Programmable USB dongle.
  • Dimension:

1 U x 19” x 200 mm


  • Net. Weight:

1U ( 3160g )

Desktop (674g)